Having it ALL


The Land of AND

When you are at wits end and the money has stopped,

You look about you and you feel like life has just flopped!

Although time goes on, sometimes you wish it would just stop.

You know in your heart there is more,

More than just hotdogs and pop.

Where do I go, what do I do,

How can I make a go if it and have fun too.

How is it that some people can laugh and play,

But all I ever seem to do is cry and pray.

What is the secret?

What is the theme?

I need to know!

How can I be on the winning team?

I want to be with my family and kids,

I want to travel, have fun and get off the skids.

I heard there was a place to go,

It is that land,

That land they call the “Land of AND.”

Where I can have a family, and time, and wealth

Where I can truly say that my wealth is my health

Where natural is IN and Green is just fine

I want it all now and I want it to be MINE.

I found it, I found it! That land of AND

Where Shaklee is more and more is just grand.

Yes, you can, you can create a healthy and productive life,

Just make a plan and take a stand.

You will find it is all here,

Here, in the land of AND!