A Healthier Life

Getting you healthy
A Healthier you

Shaklee is a healthier life for anyone

And a better life for everyone!

So how can this be?

Aren’t they one of those networking pyramid schemes?

Where if I buy it from you and they buy it from me,

Soon I will be getting rich and my product for free?

I have heard of that sort of thing,

Where friends and neighbors have to buy all sorts of bling,

They love it at first but then it gets worse

For now it seems to be affecting their purse.

Every month they shell out the dough

While their garage gets full and it never seems to go

Why did I buy this or that.

Did I get caught up in some sort of trap?

I don’t use it, I don’t need it,

How do I get rid of this crap?

Is this the impression you have?

And you begin to believe that every business is that bad?

Think again about what Shaklee is and what it means.

Its products are all natural and naturally green.

You buy what you need or would like to try.

Get your money back if you don’t like it and not have to cry.

For natural products are non-toxic and safe,

Not those that are caustic, harsh and cause you to chafe.

Products that you can get excited about and that work

Without causing you to go berserk!

So, with having a healthier life,

You will soon share it with your husband or wife!

Make a decision to take a chance,

Then go for it without a backwards glance.

For helping others make a life for themself,

Will not only make you grateful,

But you can be proud of yourself!

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