Residual Income Specialist

Residual Income Specialist

What is a residual income specialist?

Great question!

First we have to define residual.

Residual is something that continues after the event has occurred.  I like to think of it as when we have an earthquake there are usually many aftershocks.  These are a result of the major quake.  Maybe not as large as the original, but a continuation of a series of earthquakes, or residual quakes.

Another form of residual is with income.  We hear all the time of actors, writers, insurance agents, and network marketers who have residual income.  They do the work once, but get paid on the same work many more time because the product or service is still being used.  If I sell you a Shaklee vitamin, I will earn a small profit on that sale.  As long as you continue to use the Shaklee vitamin, I will receive residual income but do not have to sell you on the effectiveness or the efficacy of the product.

A residual income specialist is then someone who informs someone of the benefits of products or services that they are familiar with and enjoy using, and then share those products or services with other people.

Why is it important to become a residual income specialist?

I feel the reason is simple and straight forward.  We all have basic needs for food and shelter.  These things come at a cost.  The cost can be described in many ways.  The nicer the shelter, the more natural the food, the more it is going to cost.  A homeless person may have little shelter and little food, but the cost is minimal.  Someone living in a very nice house who eats natural, organic food, would be spending a lot more.

How much are you willing to spend on these basics?  If you are willing to work, save, and invest in yourself, do you want to continue doing the same thing over and over for the rest of your life?  How about if you write a book, be a musician with a famous song and get paid every time a new book or record is sold?  I see the problem is that I am not a famous writer or an accomplished musician.

What if I wanted to get residual income without having to have a special degree, licenses, or fame?

That is where network marketing shines.  All we are doing is moving products or services through a vein of like minded people who will use and be loyal to a product or service.  Their only job is to share those products or services with other people.  An author will hold book fairs, a musician will hold concerts, a financial planner will hold meetings, and a actor or actress will by hounded by the paparazzi.  This is if they are famous.

Let me show you how you can become a residual income specialist by using Shaklee as a vehicle to achieve your goals.  The only limit to your income will be limited to my how much you do and how much you are willing to help other people.

My goal is to help people become healthy, wealthy, and wiser.  Since your health is your wealth, you must first take are of your body.  Once you are on the path to good health, your wealth will continue to build as you make sound financial decisions that will affect your future, your retirement, and your family.

Every day we work, we talk about how we can hardly wait for the weekend.  How would you like everyday to be Saturday?  You can when you build up enough residual income to sustain your lifestyle.  Start now and it will be in the near future when every day becomes Saturday. and become a residual income specialist!


Become a residual income specialoist
Can’t everyday be Saturday? Become a residual income specialist and every day can become Saturday