Sales in network marketing

Sales people failure syndrome

Why is it that so many sales people fail when it comes to network marketing?  What is the big difference between corporate America selling and network marketing selling?

Most sales people don’t understand that network marketing is really a METHOD of marketing and not a MEANS of marketing. They are not bringing people into a direct sales organization.  They are bringing people into a network marketing program.  Let me explain.

Here is what typically happens to a sales person.  They look at the demonstration of the products or services, hears or reads of the testimonials of the results others have had with their use, and how they work.  Armed with this information they go out and sell like crazy and they don’t have any problems talking to strangers.

There is nothing wrong with selling product, but the objective is NOT to teach people how to sell, but we want them to teach them how to TEACH and SPONSOR and build a large successful network marketing organization.  They can do this without selling anything.

Most sales people think that when they have sponsored someone they have duplicated their effort.  Now this sounds logical, but it is not TRUE.

The reason it is not true is because the person they have sponsored hasn’t learned the process of duplication.  They only have learned that they must sell the product or service.  Once you have sponsored someone, the next thing for them to do is to have them go out and sponsor someone.  That now makes three levels deep.  If the original sponsor leaves before the third level is completed, the second level person is left without a sponsor and they do not have the education to continue the teaching and sponsoring process.

Most people who have made it big in network marketing don’t have a sales background.  They may not be professional teachers, but most have come from backgrounds with an element of teaching in it.  I know of a high school principal who after 24 months in network marketing program was earning more money in business than he was making as a school principal.  Why?  Let me ask you this; Which do you feel you could do more quickly, sponsor five people who are serious and teach them how to teach, OR teach 5 people how to sell product?

Obviously you will make short term money if you have taught 5 people to sell product.  However, those 5 haven’t been taught how to leverage their time and if they are not sponsoring 5 people, then they become the sales people and the sponsor becomes the manager, which is typical in corporate America.

Now if the original sponsor will teach those 5 people how to teach and sponsor 5 people, who in turn will each teach 5 people how to teach and sponsor, now you have built an upside down pyramid where you are at the bottom points building wide and upwards.  This allows you to spend more time teaching and sponsoring and less time selling.

Teach and Sponsor - Not sales
Not sales, but teaching how to teach and sponsor!

Here at Shaklee we do exactly that.  Sponsor people on the use of healthy products which in turn becomes a training to sponsor and teach others.  This in turn makes money for everyone and brings freedom of lifestyle to everyone that is sponsored.

Click here to join me at Shaklee and let’s sponsor and teach others how to sponsor and teach!  Sounds like more fun than just selling a product or service and getting paid once!  Now you can get paid over and over as you sponsor and teach.