Is selling immoral?

Selling and buying
Time to sell

Many people associate selling or network marketing to something as bad, wrong, sinful, shady or just wrong.  However, so much depends on how you look at this. We all have come across network marketers who are shady or high pressure.  Some have the attitude of “my product is better than your product” and if you don’t join my team, then there is definitely something wrong with you.

Some network marketers and sales people have an agenda that is just to make money.  We have all seen the ads; Make $3000 per day in just 30 days! Most of us know that this is a very short term strategy.  For some network marketers it is to make a lot of money!  However, it is usually at the expense of losing friends and family.  This strategy, of course, is not sustainable to create a profitable business over the long term.

Selling Shaklee is like giving a gift of health.  In order to give a gift to someone you must first be exposed to the gift.  That is what advertising is all about.  The goal is for you to first mentally feel or experience a specific product.  Today we are bombarded with advertising from the pharmaceutical companies.  If you have one symptom that the pill can correct, you will then concentrate on how you can be relieved of that particular “problem.”  You were exposed to the product mentally and now physically you go to your drug store to purchase it.

Experiencing Shaklee is much the same except we don’t advertise, coerce, or force the product on anyone.   Rather we encourage others to try the product.  It is like sharing a new food with a child.  You want them to eat a food that you know is good for them, but they may not like the look, texture, or smell of the food.  Don’t you continue to encourage the child to try it? The  wonderful thing about Shaklee is that you get to not only experience the “taste” for yourself, but in turn, share it with others. Shaklee will actually then return to you a bonus for “trying and sharing” the products.

Network marketers and sales people are carriers of a message to the market.  They are the ones who focus on solving people’s problems.  Those of us who are with Shaklee are serving from an authentic space  of health and we are the ones who want people to thrive in these challenging economic times. Therefore we continue to encourage others to try the product.  We know that people want to buy products that are not only good for them, but may be skeptical of the process.

To make network marketing or sales work, the right approach and attitude needs to be developed over time. The acquisition of the right kind of skills and getting support along the way are also critical. That is one of the functions of working with me – to create an environment for you to bring out your authentic self and change the way  you look at the network marketing industry and succeed in the process.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!  This is called the Shaklee Effect.  Take a few minutes to learn more about this Shaklee Effect by watching this short video and leaving your comments below:  Click here now!!