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Make the Decision and Get Healthy

No one says “Man, I hope I can get in great shape for just a little while and then gain back all the weight I lost.” Maybe you had a time in your life where you worked really hard for your wedding pictures to look perfect or the look great on a vacation. Did you stay committed to your health after those big events? Why not? The answer lies in your underlying motivation.

All or nothing
Going for all or nothing

What Motivates You?

If you are trying to slim down for a reunion or other “look-at-me” life moment chances are you will relapse into your old habits and the weight will come back, perhaps even faster than you gained it before. Starving yourself, staying on a liquid or highly restrictive diet will cause you to lose weight, but it won’t make you healthy and strong.

Take a look at your health. Physically are you satisfied with your body? Does your body enable you to pursue your adventures or does it cause you daily frustration? Maybe your doctor is the one telling you to lose weight, but you are fine with your body. Do you wish you had more energy or could take care of yourself without relying on others?

You can change. You can lose weight and become strong, but without motivation from within yourself you will not change your lifestyle and improve your health in the long run.

Commit to Yourself

If you want to lose weight you must make a commitment to yourself. Make yourself accountable and share your goal with your friends or a more anonymous online community. Change will not happen overnight, but one step followed by another step in the right direction will give you results.

Don’t let celebrities fool you – there is no magic bullet to getting healthy, but there are also extremes that should be avoided. Is it sustainable to exercise at the gym 7-days a week for several hours? Individuals on realty TV are able to do so only because of the non-realty of the situations they are in. Adjust your expectations that it will take time to lose weight, but if you do it right you won’t have to do it again.

Sustainable Success

Keeping things simple, you want to look to a weight loss program that is simple and easy to follow. Complicated dosing or restrictive diets will be challenging to follow long term. To kick off your turn to health look to the Shaklee 180 weight loss system. It is simple, supplies all your required daily recommended vitamins and minerals, and even tastes good.  Your Shaklee consultant will be another person committed to helping you reach your goal of living a healthy, happy life. The Shaklee 180 weight loss system is is not a magic pill, but a proven program that will allow you to lose weight while regaining energy and providing your body with the fuel it needs to stay committed to staying healthy.

Commit today. Join the network that has helped thousands of individuals just like you make a change, and commit to a healthy you.


Wes Bartell

A professional network marketer offering expertise is growing a successful network. Wes proudly represents Shaklee products and also assists individuals as an independent insurance agent specializing in Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage plans. Wes welcomes the opportunity to assist others finding healthy lifestyles and financial freedom.

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Video: What Happens in Your Body When You Eat Processed Foods | World Class Wellness Lifestyle

Stefani produces videos and immersive, interactive installations that explores the influences of corporate culture and industrial food production. Her current project works with gastroenterologist Dr. Braden Kuo at Harvard University where they just completed the first ever clinical study to use the M2A™ and SmartPill devices that look at how the human body responds to processed versus whole foods. She is an Honorary Resident at Eyebeam Art +Technology Center in New York and teaches in the School of Art, Media and Technology at Parsons The New School for Design and in the Food Studies Program at The New School for Public Engagement.

via Video: What Happens in Your Body When You Eat Processed Foods | World Class Wellness Lifestyle.

Evaluating the vitamin

Why are there so many vitamin supplement companies?  Fifteen years ago, there were just a few companies on the market.  Once I started my research on vitamins, there were suddenly hundreds, or even thousands, of vitamin nutritional companies available.  How would anyone begin to choose what would be right for them?

Today, it is so easy to get caught up in the media, the hype, the fads that we see on TV, and who is sponsoring what product.  With the internet, we can research every company until our eyes cross.  If any information is on the internet, then it is obviously “true” because it has been written down in black and white.  Whenever an endorsement from an athlete, actor, or internet guru is made, then we assume that their product is the best, whether they use it or not.

First, I would like to share some government standards: (taken from http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/nutrition/all-vitamins-are-not-created-equal)

FACT: A consumer would assume that a vitamin contains the potency listed on the label.

GOVERNMENT STANDARD: Only 90% of the vitamin potency listed on the label has to be in a product at the time of shipping.

FACT: A vitamin starts losing its potency the minute it’s made. If not manufactured properly, a vitamin can be up to 50% weaker than the label’s claim by the time you purchase the product.

GOVERNMENT STANDARD: There are only minimal government guidelines, not requirements, regarding product storage (light, temperature, moisture, etc.),  inventory rotation, particle granulation or product coating, all of which affect the potency and quality of a vitamin.

FACT: Even though vitamins are perishable items, manufacturers are not required to prove that their products last for an extended period of time. Remember, light, heat, moisture and oxidation rapidly destroy vitamin potency.

GOVERNMENT STANDARD: After a vitamin is manufactured, vitamin companies are not required to conduct shelf life testing to see how product potency is affected over time.

FACT: Even though vitamin supplements are essential to your health, there is no law requiring that vitamin supplements be tested during the manufacturing process.

GOVERNMENT STANDARD: A quality control laboratory is not required in a vitamin manufacturing facility.

So what kind of criteria would you use to differentiate between the various vitamin manufactures?  I used a website called http://www.multivitaminguide.org.  Using current scientific literature and peer journals, Greg Marshall compared multivitamins on four scientific criteria. The following are excerpts taken from this to evaluate vitamins:

  • Composition – Based on the fact that your body needs 13 type of vitamins and at least as many different type of minerals, Marshall followed the Optimal Daily Intake index for the most effective combinations and dosage amounts.
  • Bio-availability – Are the nutrients easily and effectively absorbed by the body and in their most absorbent forms?
  • Safety –  This should be considered first.  The supplements should not contain any harmful additives or a potential risk of overdose.
  • Store brands – Over the counter vitamins typically contain low-quality forms of nutrients and the potency of the ingredients should meet or exceed the Optimal Daily Intake index.

Although this is a guide to many popular supplements, such as Shaklee, Melaleuca, Centrum, One-A-Day, GNC, Amway, Nature Made, etc, it includes over 100 other brands.  Researchers found that the majority of vitamins and nutitional supplements you find in  stores are practically worthless and would be a waste of money.  To find the few that are truly effective and will give you highest value for your money, I suggest that you forego the hype, the endorsements, and the fads of what is “hot” on the market .  Do your own independent research and discover for yourself what would be best for you.

For me personally, after 15 years of trying many different brands and manufacturers, and using this guide to support my findings, Shaklee comes in second place with an overall score of 9.4, ranking second place.

For more information on the Shaklee Vitalizer, visit my website and see for yourself the available research, bioavailability, potency, composition, and safety of the Vitalizer.