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GPN – your network marketing sales team

Increase Sales
Increase sales with a sales team

So you joined a network marketing company!  Congratulations!  Did your sponsor tell you to make a list of all your friends and family and start hitting them up with your product?  Did you know that your friends and family are the hardest people to recruit into your business?

I was talking to a network marketer the other day and we were discussing these very issues.  I was asking him how he was marketing his business and he told me that he made a list of his friends and family.  I asked him how it was going.

His response was classic, “Great!”

I asked why he was calling me since I wasn’t on his friends and family list.

Again a classic response was “We have to talk to everyone!”

I asked him how he got my name.

“I saw you were a network marketer on LinkedIn”

I asked, “What is your point?”

He then told me that I should join his network marketing company.

I asked him why.

He then proceeded to  tell me how good his product was, how it was helping people’s health, and it was a product that is ahead of its time.  It had been sold for some years in stores, but the problem was that no one would buy it because they had no clue what it did.  Through network marketing (word of mouth), the product could get a proper explanation.

Was I sold on his product or his company?  NO!

Why do you think that is?

For me, there was no emotional conviction.  There was a lot of information about the product, but I wanted to know how it was going to make me money.  I have been in network marketing for some time, so I know the process works.  Now what I wanted to know was how to present the product in the light of the needs of the person.  To make money, a product or service must be sold.  If I help enough people get what they want, then I will get what I want.  If I can help another person with their health and finances, then I should be able to get the finances for my health.

Here is the rub!

People don’t care about health!  People care about money.  If they can make more money, then they can afford to care about their health.  It takes money to eat better.  It takes money to join a gym to exercise. It takes time and money to entertain and feed the family.

Making money and having more time is the impetus for most network marketers.  Oh, they might say that it was the product, or the compensation plan, or the hype that got them involved, but the bottom line is that people want more time and more money.

However, people are not sales people.  How do you make money?  You either have to sell a product or a service or sell your time to another person who is going to use you to fulfill their dream.

What if you don’t like to sell or don’t want to talk to people?  I know a ton of network marketers who love to talk, to stand up on stage and pontificate with lots of braggadocio! They develop the hype that anyone can do this and if they can do it, then anyone can do it.

What a lot of hogwash!  NOT everyone can do it.

Sometimes we need help.  Sometimes we don’t like to talk to people.  Sometimes we don’t have the desire to talk to everyone within 3 feet.  Sometimes we don’t want to talk to anyone.

Sales people can’t afford to do that.  This is their livelihood and if they can’t talk they don’t make sales.  However, only 5% of the population are in the category.  What about the other 95%?

How can we build our network marketing company if we don’t want to sell or talk to people.

What if there was a way we could work with someone who will do the talking for us?

I found a company called GPN.  They do the selling for me.   The do the talking for me. They find the people who are interested in my business and give me a call to introduce me to the prospect.  Now, I only talk to those who are interested in my business.  In addition, they will coach me on how to talk to people successfully.

Interested? You would you like more information?

Take a 4 minutes of your time and check out this video and see if this is something you would be interested in doing with your network marketing company.









Be Real. Be Honest. Be Consistent.

All or nothing
Going for all or nothing

I recently read an article by Lianne Bremer that I wanted to share with everyone.   I have been involved with several network marketing companies, and many times we think that by getting involved, we well get the help from the person who appears to be super successful.  Then when the honeymoon is over, the charismatic entrepreneur moves on leaving you to fend for yourself.  Lianne wraps it up pretty well:

I know a professional networker who has experienced a modicum of success.  He has made millions, lost millions, and yet keeps trudging along.
I am watching him now as he builds another company from scratch.  He exudes personality, promises, and a polished skill.  People meeting him for the first time are utterly enchanted.  They are sucked into his vortex of excitement and hope.
However, I have noticed a huge disconnect with this man.  He promises his time, his tutelage, and his assistance, and yet when the new recruit tries to connect with him again, he vanishes.  Phone calls are never returned.  Promises are never kept.
Is the man successful? Well, he does make money, but not as much as he could.  He is constantly reinventing himself and his downline, because he goes through people almost as fast as he goes through money.
This is not network marketing.  This is how scams are perpetuated.  You cannot build a business on promises you have no intention of keeping.  You cannot recruit people to build a business if you lure them in with a commitment to help them, promote them, and then vanish into thin air.
When you first step into the networking waters, you have to know that the entire house of cards is built on the quality of your relationships, and your ability to be consistent with them.  If you promise to be on a three-way call with someone, you’d better be available and on your game.
Too much of the bad press about networking is due to the lack of integrity in relationships. So, integrity, honesty, and consistency have to be the watchwords that lead to success.
If you are real with people, you will build a real organization of committed individuals.  And that is true success.
 by Lianne Bremer
My goal is to work with people who are looking for more in life, living a healthier life, and getting back to nature is my goal and I am committed to helping those individuals who are looking for the same thing.